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Subsequent Declaration & Self-disclosure of Assets

On 1 January 2010, a new law came into force in Switzerland which aims to simplify subsequent taxation in inheritance cases and introduce penalty-free voluntary declarations. The amendments in the law apply both to the country as a whole and to the Cantons. If income and assets which the deceased has not declared to the authorities during his or her lifetime come to light during the succession of an inheritance (death after 31 December 2009), the tax office may levy additional taxes and interest on arrears for the last ten years of the deceased’s life. In the case of a voluntary declaration, the additional taxation levy may be reduced to the tax periods in the three years prior to death.

In addition, a taxpayer declaring him/herself to be in arrears of taxes was previously punished with a fine amounting to a fifth of the withheld taxes. Under the new law, individuals and companies may, in certain circumstances, escape penalty on the first occasion of a voluntary declaration. All that is levied is the regular additional tax and interest on arrears for the last ten tax periods. For the taxpayer or the inheritor, a voluntary declaration may represent a good way of legalising previously undeclared income and assets.

We provide support in the following areas, among others:

  • calculation of probable additional taxes and interest on arrears
  • drawing up a voluntary and/or subsequent declaration
  • representation in dealings with the tax authorities